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Thomas and his friend, jack Montgomery, starring the new MV by the multi-cultural band Kioko

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Love Actually is getting a sequel with the original cast!

“Red Nose Day Actually” will be a special 10-minute short film for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day, and many of the original cast is back.

Those returning include Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Keira Knightley, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth and Andrew Lincoln

Lucia Moniz (Aurelia), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Sam), Olivia Olson (Joanna), Bill Nighy (Billy), Marcus Brigstocke (Mikey), and Rowan Atkinson (Rufus) have all signed up to reprise their roles as well.

Written by Richard Curtis himself (the original writer and director), Red Nose Day Actually revisits the much-loved characters in the present day, 14 years after the events of the 2003 movie.

And Emma Freud–Richard’s partner and a director of Red Nose Day–tweeted to say “filming starts tomorrow.”

She later added that the “script for Red Nose Day Actually still being written. Any story developments you’d like to see? Ideas welcome.”


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Hello there, this is Karen.
I am so sorry for this out-of-date page.
Its just that right now my work got me like 24/7 since 3 months ago. I hope I’ll have more free time the next week and then I could update the site.
Again. So sorry 😀

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hey guys!
As you can see, we still don’t have any news about Thomas these last 2-3 months. All we hope is that he’s okay 🙂
Let’s keep watching The Luka State’s “30 Minute Break” and help them to get 3M views!

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Hello there!

I am very sorry for not update the site or bein in twitter as usual. The thing is… there is nothing new about Thomas in these last months!
The only new thing we have is that he will only be in one episode of his new series “Godless” on Netflix. Only one episode of six…. I know, this is not a “good new”, at least not for all who wanted to see him more, but is netflix and is something great for him.
In others news, this month we finally have “the Fever Code” by James Dasher. Who else is excited?
See you guys!

K xoxo

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Hello there. As you can see we have 2 new designs for the blog and the photogallery made by myself. I hope you guys like them 😀



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The Game Of Thrones actor said: “It’s got a real Christmas feel, it is about giving and receiving and being with people that you care about so I think Christmas runs right through it”

He found fame as Liam Neeson’s hopelessly romantic stepson in Love Actually, but Thomas Brodie-Sangster is about to star in a very different festive tale — as a laddish builder down the pub on Christmas Eve.

His character, Tackle, and his friend Block are the main characters in comedy The Three Kings — named after the pub where it is set. Brodie-Sangster, 25, said: “The play is about two builders and it’s very much about the relationship and the banter between them.

“They are really intriguingly familiar characters, I’m from south London and they just felt familiar to me, it’s blokes down the pub. My character is quite open and accepting while Block is more closed and just wants things to stay the same.

“It’s got a real Christmas feel, it is about giving and receiving and being with people that you care about so I think Christmas runs right through it.”

The show, at the St James Studio in Victoria, runs from December 14 to 19 at 1pm. At just 45 minutes, it hopes to draw a lunchtime crowd.

“I think people are quite open to the idea,” Brodie-Sangster added. “It’s more relaxed and they are not getting dressed up for an evening out at the theatre, it’s just their lunch break and hopefully they’ll be entertained.”

The Southwark-born actor finished a role in Game Of Thrones last year and is currently in cinemas in the second instalment of The Maze Runner series. His first screen role was in 2001 but the play is only his second stage performance, after his debut at the same venue this year in Summer Of Love. “I really enjoyed the live performance and I want to do more,” he said. But theatre plans will have to be put on hold until after filming on the third Maze Runner, which begins in February and is likely to last four months.

He said: “I used to get annoyed about it but it has always been that way — even when I was a kid I couldn’t book on to any school trips in a case a job came up.”

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I was surprised to learn that Thomas Brodie-Sangster is 25. As a child, in films such as Love Actually (2003) and Nanny McPhee (2005), his extraordinary features call to mind a snub-nosed Jack Wild, but this young veteran of some 20 films and numerous TV series has surpassed his “cuteness” and made choices in which his talent and unique appearance have been used perfectly – not least as Jojen Reed, the prophetic dreamer in Game of Thrones and Newt in post-apocalyptic science-fiction hit The Maze Runner, part two of which comes out this Autumn. When I talk to him, he has just finished a short run on the stage at London’s St James Theatre in Summer Of Love, about a family in crisis.

You’ve been acting since you were tiny. Did you have any kind of formal training or have you learned to act purely from experience?
Just from doing it. I never had any training or went to drama school, or anything.

I thought you were younger than your 25 years. Do you get that a lot, and does it bother you?
Throughout my life it has bothered me a little bit. Like, if I’m going to the corner shop without my ID and I want to buy a beer, and I’m like: “I’m 25!” So it’s a bit annoying. And in school, growing up, all the girls in my class who I wanted to appeal to thought I was “cute”! So it’s pissed me off from time to time, but it’s not a major annoyance in my life.

I think you’ve dealt with the transition from child- to man-actor really well. It must be hard for people who start young to make that change.
I know it is. When audiences and casting directors know you for being a cute little kid and suddenly you’re not, you’re an awkward teenager. There aren’t many roles for that. There are a lot of roles for teenagers, but generally they’re played by people my age. There aren’t many roles around for that awkward stage when you don’t know who you are. So now, at 25, I’m playing the teenagers!

You’re getting there! Do you look to anyone for advice in the roles you take?
Yes and no. I mean, it’s my choice. Everyone around me, from publicist to agent or whatever, are people I genuinely get on with as people. I feel that they’ve got my best interests at heart and aren’t out to scrounge me for every penny they can! So I trust them, and my family and friends. But it’s my decision at the end of the day.

You’ve been involved in quite a lot of cult productions, from Game of Thrones, through Doctor Who to the Maze Runner films. Is it strange to experience that kind of obsessive fandom?
I think it’s a little odd, but they really love it! The Maze Runner films have more teen female fans. They’re very different to the Game of Thrones or the Doctor Who fans. They’re more obsessed with us as people. Whereas the Game of Thrones fans are more into the characters. They absolutely love the characters and love us for playing the character, rather than you yourself.

Summer Of Love was your first time acting on stage, wasn’t it? How was that for you?
It was a small space, only a week run and it was a 40-minute play. It was written and performed by friends I’ve known for quite a while, so it was perfect.

You’ve done so much screen acting already; did going out on stage make you nervous?
I didn’t get nervous throughout the whole experience until 10 minutes before the first performance. Sitting there, hearing the audience gather, all my nerves came in then! I had been wondering if I was going to be nervous. Of course, you get up on stage and you have no choice but to get over it! I did feel my mouth drying out a few times. But I knew I knew it, so I was fine.

What was the last mainstream film you went to see?
I went to see the Pixar film Inside Out. They kind of hit the nail on the head, whatever they do. It’s a kids’ movie about diving into the internals of your mind and subconscious. Although it’s aimed at kids, at the same time it’s kind of weird and trippy. Really good.

And what other kinds of movies do you like?
I really like the Coen brothers. I like watching something really cinematic that feels like theatre, almost. When it all gels together perfectly, so you can appreciate the sounds and the acting and the visuals and the story, but it all works together as one piece. I think that’s very clever.

Are there any roles you would have loved to have played?
That was a cool part in Whiplash.

Good call! That was a wonderful film, and what a great part!
He [Miles Teller] does it so well. But that would have been cool to do.

You’ve also recently been playing John Tracy in the Thunderbirds series remake, haven’t you? I used to love Thunderbirds when I was young.
Yes, I was a huge fan when I was a kid too. John was never much of a character in the original series.

Have they developed him more for the new version?
Yes, I’m up in space. I guess in the Sixties, satellites were still pretty new and weren’t used for much, really, other than to spy on the Russians, but nowadays we have sat nav and everything, so the scripts are much more organised around the viewpoint of outer space, which is my character’s viewpoint. I kind of organise the whole mission. It’s aimed at kids, but there are loads of little nuances that remain faithful to the original, whilst updating it.

On set, there must be a lot of waiting around. What music do you listen to when you’re lolling in your trailer?
I’ve been listening to Bonobo a lot, but I like all other kinds of music, too. I like Nina Simone, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, all kinds of stuff.

I read you play the bass guitar? Why did you pick the bass?
Playing bass is another way of expressing yourself and performing, but it’s great because you’re not the centre of attention. You’re there, holding down the groove. You listen to the guitar or the trumpet or whatever, but the bass is there being the glue, holding the rhythm and the melody together. It’s the cool bit, without everyone realising it’s the cool bit!

 We realise you’re the “cool bit”, Thomas! Unconventionally attractive and averse to typecasting… It’s going to be so exciting to see Brodie-Sangster enter the next phase of his career, whether as a leading man, or “holding down the groove”!

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Hey there!
ROGER RICH PHOTOGRAPHER just posted this new photoshoot of Thomas for L’Officiel Hommes NL Magazine and some for Zoo Magazine

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