27- November- 2017▪ | Posted by: Karen

I think I should’ve posted this before, so sorry.

This is an email I got a few days ago:

“Today DUST releases our latest exclusive sci-fi short film “Orbit Ever After” from writer/director Jamie Magnus Stone. In this short, starring Thomas Brodie-Sangster from Game of Thrones and the Maze Runner films, Nigel (Brodie-Sangster) has fallen in love. But when you live in orbit, aboard a ramshackle space hovel with the most risk-averse family imaginable, it isn’t easy to follow your heart – especially when the girl of your dreams is spinning around earth the wrong way! We thought your fans would enjoy this short film. Feel free to post or share with your audience using the YouTube url below. We’ve also attached a few of the images from the film.


So as you can see, now you can watch “Orbit Ever After” for free on Youtube. Do not forget to share and post the film.

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